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Discover the latest innovations in display technologies at the industry’s premier global event: This year, SID Display Week 2024 is again due to take place in San Jose/CA from 12 - 17 May. Over six days there will be a comprehensive program of short courses, workshops, seminars and forums. In parallel, Display Week 2024 will include a three-day exhibition with the most influential display and visual information technology companies from 14 - 16 May.
Instrument Systems will be participating with a prominent booth #1115 as part of the German Pavilion, featuring the complete LumiTop family of spectrally corrected imaging colorimeters, as well as our portfolio for AR/VR devices and automotive applications. Visit also our Metrology Training Course on Sunday morning and our talk at the symposium on Thursday. Find more details below.
The registration for Display Week 2024 is already open. Register now with our Guest Code: AatcBHN, offered free of charge. Your exhibit hall only registration includes also the Keynotes and the Women in Tech Panel.
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SID/ICDM Display Metrology Short Course
LumiTop 5300: Spectrometer-corrected color & uniformity tests for AR/VR
LumiTop X150: Fastest spectrally enhanced 2D display testing for µ(O)LED & wafer
LumiTop X20 / X30: Perfect image quality even at low luminance!
DMS series: Goniometric characterization of virtual images
LumiCam 4000B: Highest color accuracy 2D measurement for automotive applications
Impact of calibration sources on accuracy of chromaticity measurements of LED based displays
One-shot single-emitter-resolved polarization andLIV+λ characterization of a VCSEL array at tempered conditions
\\ HIGHLIGHT at SID Display Week 2024
SID/ICDM Display Metrology Short Course
The significance of displays is evident in their ubiquity across technologies and industries and their footprint, growing to encompass entire device surfaces and fields of view. Display metrology provides an objective understanding of a display’s quality and performance through data, supplying tools for display innovation and evaluation to safeguard manufacturing investment.
In our presentation “Fundamentals of Display-Metrology”, we will provide a fundamental understanding of display metrology and introduce measurement equipment and techniques from leaders in the field. Topics include the science of light and color, units of measurement, measurement standards, and metrology systems from spot spectroradiometers to advanced 2D spectrally corrected imaging systems. We will introduce test methods to address display performance parameters from (color) uniformity to mura / pixel defects. Metrology solutions for state-of-the-art test devices are presented, ranging from curved displays to microLED panels and complete AR/VR devices.
The sub-course “Fundamentals of Display-Metrology” will take place on Sunday, 12 May, 10 – 12 AM local time in room 220B, as part of the “SID/ICDM 2024 Display Metrology Short Course”. Participation is subject to a fee.
Presented by Dr. Ferdinand Deger (Instrument Systems) and Jens Jensen (Radiant Vision Systems)
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\\ Our Topics at SID Display Week 2024
LumiTop 5300: Spectrometer-corrected color & uniformity tests for AR/VR

At SID, Instrument Systems will demonstrate the new spectrally corrected LumiTop 5300 AR/VR in a live system. The 2D luminance and color measurement camera features a high resolution sensor and a straight lens (alternative models with folded / periscopic lens available). It was specifically developed for the characterization of Near-Eye-Displays (NED) and AR- and VR-headsets during production and final testing. Various external pupil sizes and focus distances are possible. The 2D imaging system has a large field of view for the one shot acquisition of the virtual image including distortion and sharpness evaluation (MTF, etc.).
Also live on display is our new optical probe TOP 300 AR/VR. The coupling optics provide an optical system modeled on the human eye (external eye pupil), and can be connected to a CAS series spectroradiometer via a fiber connection. TOP 300 is ideal for simple optical spot tests of luminance and radiance along the production line of AR/VR modules.
LumiTop X150: Fastest spectrally enhanced 2D display testing for µ(O)LED & wafer

The LumiTop X150 is our solution for pixel-precise analysis and correction of high-resolution displays, e.g. micro-displays for AR/VR applications, smart watches and smartphones, TVs, backlit units or µLED wafers. We will demonstrate how measurement tests with our LumiTop X150 system enable single pixel evaluation for best visual experience on the final displays as well as fast detection of every µLED defect in luminance and color.
Important for µLED wafer manufacturers:
- Defect pixels can be repaired during wafer production process
- Rejects in final inspection will be minimized to improve production efficiency
- Increased reliability within the supply chain of display manufacturers
LumiTop X20 / X30: Perfect image quality even at low luminance!

Instrument Systems has optimized its new LumiTop X20 and LumiTop X30 spectrally corrected 2D imaging colorimeters for display production testing under extreme luminance conditions. The LumiTop X20 and X30 feature high camera resolution (20 MP and 31 MP respectively), a motorized focus and iris, and a switchable density filter. Using them, display manufacturers are able to perform accurate (color) tests at very high luminance in the range of several Mcd/m² as well as low luminance in the range of 0.001 cd/m² to 0.1 cd/m², taking into account the adaptation of the human eye to dark and bright lighting conditions.
DMS series: Goniometric characterization of virtual images

Instrument Systems offers a range of AR/VR/MR test solutions designed to support the full optical characterization of display modules, optics, and headsets / goggles. Besides the LumiTop spectrally corrected 2D colorimeter family, the DMS goniophotometers provide extremely accurate super high angle- and time-resolved measurements of the Device Under Test (DUT) also for AR/VR applications.
The latest goniometer DMS 904 offers an additional motorized x-axis for curved displays, and an extra long thermal chamber with heat-cool system for large & curved devices up to 1.5m (temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C). This makes it the perfect solution for quality tests within the Automotive and Consumer Electronics supply chain.
LumiCam 4000B: Highest color accuracy 2D measurement for automotive applications

At Display Week, Instrument Systems showcases its well-known LumiCam 4000B 2D imaging colorimeter with motorized focus and iris. Its equipment encompasses a variety of lenses with quick-mount neutral density filters. Ideal for the analysis of symbols and control elements in vehicles, same as displays or light guides under varying geometries. Highest ISO17025 accredited color accuracy is assured by a 6-filter measurement combined with a color correction matrix. It measures luminance and color distribution, homogeneity, contrast and mura of displays and allows multiple evaluations for various Automotive applications.
The well-known high-end spectroradiometer CAS 140D guarantees highest color accuracy at fastest total measurement time. The fiber based optical probe coupling allows to cover multiple measurement applications with only one spectroradiometer.
Impact of calibration sources on accuracy of chromaticity measurements of LED based displays

When narrow bandwidth emission sources such as microLEDs are used to create full color displays, large measurement errors can occur with colorimeters calibrated against standard light sources. Experiments confirm that different calibrations of an imaging light measurement device provide different levels of color accuracy depending on the similarity of calibration source to the DUTs spectral distribution.
Presented by Dr. Tobias Steinel
Thursday, 16th at 09:40 AM in Session 58.3
Display Week 2024, San José, CA/ USA
\\ NEW Whitepaper – Download now!

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One-shot single-emitter-resolved polarization andLIV+λ characterization of a VCSEL array at tempered conditions

Based on a talk presented at Photonics West 2024 we offer our valued readers a new whitepaper:
This white paper addresses this challenge by extending LIV+λ measurements to individual emitters within a VCSEL array, thereby incorporating polarization measurements. The experimental design features a camera-based radiant power and polarization measurement system, coupled with an array spectroradiometer. This system provides absolute optical power measurements that are traceable to standards. Further, to assess the characteristics of the VCSEL array in diverse environmental conditions, measurements were conducted at multiple temperatures.
The flexibility of the design allows for the customization of valid parameter ranges for each emitter, based on the intended application of the VCSEL. Non-functional emitters were identified during the characterization process. This design offers a rapid and comprehensive one-shot characterization of VCSEL array emitters, enabling parallelization of measurements in order to reduce overall measurement time and detect damaged or out-of-spec VCSELs at an early stage in the manufacturing process.
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