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Instrument Systems is involved in numerous professional associations and committees. For example, we were instrumental in drawing up the current guidelines for the measurement of LEDs (CIE 127) and for measurements of optical radiation sources (CIE 250:2022). In 2023 Instrument Systems joined the MicroLED Industry Association MIA with the aim of supporting the joint development and implementation of μLED display technologies.
For many years, Instrument Systems has been engaged in the field of optical testing of microLEDs and offers its customers a wide variety of measurement solutions. At the upcoming trade fairs and conferences: IMID (Korea), CIOE (China) and Trendforce MicroLED (Taiwan) we will be happy to show you the current applications in person. Detailed information can be found in this newsletter. We look forward to meeting you!
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Instrument Systems becomes a new MIA member
IMID 2023 – International Meeting on Information Display
CIOE 2023 – China International Optoelectronic Exposition
LEDforum 2023 in Taiwan
Optical testing of curved displays
\\ MicroLED Industry Association MIA
Instrument Systems becomes a new MIA member
Instrument Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of high-end light measurement technology, has become a member of the MicroLED Industry Association (MIA). With its active membership, Instrument Systems is supporting the development and implementation of μLED display technologies. Instrument Systems has been setting global standards for high-precision spectroradiometric measurements in the LED industry since 1986. It is involved in standardization committees and associations (e.g., DIN, CIE) and cooperates with the leading metrology institutes. For CEO Dr. Markus Ehbrecht, joining the MIA is a logical continuation of these activities for the purpose of sharing knowledge and advancing new technologies worldwide.
\\ Meet us here this autumn
IMID 2023 – International Meeting on Information Display

IMID is one of the largest and most popular Korean conferences in the field of information displays for researchers, students and industry. In addition to an extensive lecture program and a large exhibition area, this time there will be two special events: AI & Computational Technologies for Display and Display with Free Form Factor.
A special highlight at Booth 21/22 of Instrument Systems Korea will be the two new LumiTop models X20 and X30. Compared to the predecessor models proven in display production, they offer a higher camera resolution (20 MP or 30 MP), a flexible field of view and a particularly wide dynamic range for high and low luminance measurements. Suitable applications are homogeneity measurements and error detection under special luminance conditions. Current AR/VR applications and space-saving telescopic optics round off the trade fair portfolio.
IMID, 22-25 August 2023 in Busan, Korea
CIOE 2023 – China International Optoelectronic Exposition

CIOE 2023 will be taking place in Shenzhen (China) from 6-8 September 2023. As the world’s largest optoelectronic event, it offers a professional communication platform and provides ideal access to the optoelectronic market in China.
Instrument Systems will be exhibiting together with its representative Giant Testing Equipment Ltd. in Hall 5, Booth 5D32 in the Information and Communication Expo sector. Instrument Systems is planning to showcase its CAS series of spectroradiometers and combined measurement solutions with absolutely calibrated cameras. The spectrally enhanced LumiTop 2D imaging colorimeter is available in different models and perfect for testing μLED arrays. The LumiTop AR/VR with periscope lens permits parallel 2-eye measurements for AR/VR headsets, even in confined spaces. Thanks to an innovative one-shot process, the VTC infrared camera simultaneously measures the spatial polarization of individual emitters of a VCSEL array and provides crucial information to reduce the polarization dependence of the measurement setup.
LEDforum 2023 in Taiwan

LEDinside, a division of TrendForce, will be hosting the Micro LED Forum on 5 September 2023. The conference addresses key topics such as metaverse trends, advances in microLED technology and innovative applications. Industry experts will be providing market insights and presenting the latest research and remarkable technological advances.
Instrument Systems will be represented with a talk on “Rapid Testing of µLEDs & Microdisplays on Wafer”. Jack Hwang from our representative Rapitech Enterprise in Taiwan will be guiding us through the presentation.
5 September 2023, 11:10 am in Taipei
\\ Technical article in OEM Supplier 2023

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Optical testing of curved displays

Among the new display trends, so-called curved displays in cars have undergone a particularly impressive development. Their curvature opens up a multitude of new possibilities in terms of design and applications. They embrace the functions of the individual cockpit instruments and give the driver an almost vertical view of all displays. Characterization of the quality of curved displays involves the measurement of many metrological parameters: color gamut, chromaticity and luminance of the grey states, luminance contrast between black, white and grayscale, as well as the change in these sizes with the viewing direction and in ambient light. The ever-increasing size of curved displays thus presents a very special challenge for optical display measurement technology.
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