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Today we want to introduce you to a complex topic: How to keep the error budget of your measurements as low as possible. Why are all Instrument Systems measuring systems ideally suited to this? Find out more about the core competence of Instrument Systems in the areas of testing laboratory – metrology – calibration on our website. As a reliable partner for demanding measurement tasks, we will be happy to assist you with new challenges!
We will give you a personal demonstration of current applications at the upcoming trade fairs and conferences: ISAL (Darmstadt), SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces (Detroit), C-Touch (Shenzhen). Detailed information is provided in this newsletter. We look forward to meeting you at our booth and at our lectures!
You are cordially invited to visit the exhibition at Vehicle Displays with our free ticket! For more information, visit the SID events page and use the code: DnfwTtT for registration.
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New website area: Our core competence explained in detail
ISAL 2023 – International Symposium on Automotive Lighting, Darmstadt
SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2023, USA
C-TOUCH & Display 2023
Calibration makes the difference
\\ XXL Competence: Test Lab – Metrology – Calibration
New website area: Our core competence explained in detail
As a leading manufacturer of light measurement technology, Instrument Systems puts supreme measurement quality first. For this reason, we operate an accredited test laboratory at our locations in Munich and Berlin. All measuring instruments produced by us are subjected to a detailed quality inspection and their results are documented in test certificates.
For the comparability of the measurement results, it is important to ensure an uninterrupted calibration chain from the standard used to a primary standard. Instrument Systems therefore uses so-called reference standards calibrated by a metrology institute (PTB). If the measurement results are clearly linked to the primary realization of the SI unit of a national institute, this is called metrological traceability of the result.
You can now find out more about this complex topic on our website:
Test Lab - Metrology - Calibration
\\ Meet us here in XXL size
ISAL 2023 – International Symposium on Automotive Lighting, Darmstadt

For years, Instrument Systems has set the global benchmark for precise light measurement technology in automotive exterior lighting. With our AMS 5000 we offer a large dimensioned Type A far-field goniophotometer with a wide travel range and highly dynamic drives. At ISAL 2023, Instrument Systems will be showcasing its latest model AMS 5000 in XXL size. Equipped with an extra-long goniometer arm, it is suitable for even larger lights, such as through tail lights.
25–27 September 2023 in Darmstadt, Germany
SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces 2023, USA

At this year’s Vehicle Displays, Instrument Systems will be presenting its newest goniometer of the DMS series for XXL displays. The fully automatic 7-axis goniometer DMS 904 is tailor-made for the optical characterization of large, curved displays. This also includes pillar-to-pillar displays, which are installed in cars as a cockpit over the entire width. The new DMS 904 has seven motorized axes for automatic display measurement. The seventh axis enables additional linear movement of the measuring heads and thus decentralized, angle-dependent measurements for displays with a width of up to 1.8 m.
Experience our latest products at the joint partner booth of Instrument Systems and Konica Minolta as well as our exciting presentation on “Optical characterization of curved displays” on 27 September 2023, at 02:20 pm local time (GMT-4).
26–27 September 2023 in Detroit, USA
C-TOUCH & Display 2023

The International C-Touch & Display Exhibition is due to take place at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from 11 to 13 October 2023. Instrument Systems, the leading brand for light measurement technology, and its representative Giant Testing Equipment Limited will present the latest high-end measurement solutions:
  • LumiTop AR/VR 2D imaging colorimeter, optimized for near-eye display testing
  • LumiTop X150 and X20/30 for MicroLED and low-luminance applications
  • DMS goniometer for the evaluation of flat displays and AR/VR goggles
With cutting-edge technology solutions and many years of experience, Instrument Systems is your primary contact in the field of display production tests, AR/VR near-eye displays, MicroLED wafers and VCSEL measurement applications.
Take a look at our presentation on the topic “Rapid Testing of μLEDs and Microdisplays on Wafer”:
presented by Tianxing Zhu (Konica Minolta China)
on 12 October 2023, at 03:30 pm local time in hall 6/8.
11–13 October 2023 in Shenzhen, China, Booth 8E11
\\ White paper

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Calibration makes the difference

In light measurement technology there are hardly any limits to the variety of measurements and measurands. Realization of the measurement setup also plays an important role in the correct interpretation of measurement results, as it has a significant impact on the error budget. When are measurement results precise, accurate or even absolute?
In a measurement, the value of a physical quantity is quantified by comparison with a suitable measuring instrument. For example, a photodetector provides a signal that is proportional to the emitted power of a light source. The quality of this signal depends on its measurement uncertainty. Does the repetition of the measurement provide the same signal and thus precise measurement results? Are the measurements of calibrated photodetectors accurate and thus comparable? Are the measurement results traceable to national standards and therefore absolute?
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